Cops and Robbers play premiers in Oakland

"Cops and Robbers is sure to motivate audiences to take charge and do something.” - Jackie Wright

PIPEDREAMZ ENT is a production company focused on developing the arts and many talents of Jinho “The Piper” Ferreira, who is also one-third of the internationally acclaimed band Flipsyde. PIPEDREAMZ draws on Ferreira’s success in the global market by implementing a multi-view approach to each project. From community based theater works such as the newly released COPS & ROBBERS, to international CIA thrillers like the Tribeca 2009 winning screenplay WALTER’S BOYS, PIPEDREAMZ’S strives to give the world diverse, dynamic, and beautiful art.

“The news reports of violence prevail in the headlines day after day, year after year. Cops and Robbers speaks to those reports. What does someone from a nerve center of violence, like Oakland have to say about what’s happening and the impact of violence? One internationally known alternative Hip-Hop artist, actor, award-winning screenwriter, who hasn’t given up his day job as a law enforcement officer, gives a response to what’s happening – examining issues of law enforcement, media, race, politics, broken homes, broken hearts and the human condition. Cops and Robbers is sure to motivate audiences to take charge and “do something.”

- Jackie Wright

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